Jun. 1963 Established Kitagawa Rubber Industries Co., Ltd.
in Nagoya to produce/sale industrial rubber/plastic products.
Oct. 1965Started sales of industrial precision plastic products.
Mar. 1967Opened Tokyo Office.
Oct. 1969Opened Osaka Office.
Mar. 1971Changed the company name to Kitagawa Industries Co., Ltd.
Mar. 1974Opened Nishiharu Logistics Center(reorganized as Nishiharu Factory later).
Nov. 1977Opened Yokohama Office.
Feb. 1979Opened Nagoya Logistics Center.
Dec. 1980Relocated the Head Office to Chiyoda, Naka-ku, Nagoya City.
Apr. 1984Opened Utsunomiya Office.
Jun. 1984Started sales of electromagnetic waves protection devices.
Mar. 1989Opened Kasugai Factory.
Dec. 1991Opened Mito Logistics Center.
Mar. 1992 Acquired Kitagawa GmbH, Kitagawa Industries (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
and Intermark(USA),Inc..
May. 1994Established an affiliate, International Center for Materials Research.
Jul. 1994Established a subsidiary, Kitagawa Electronics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
May. 1995Established a subsidiary, Kitagawa Industries (H.K.) Limited in Hong Kong.
Dec. 1995Established a subsidiary, PT. Kitagawa Industries Indonesia in Indonesia.
Feb. 1996Listed the stock on the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Apr. 1997Started MEF (moldless enclosure fabrication) system.
Apr. 1999Opened Kasugai EMC Center.
Dec. 1999Awarded ISO9001 certification.
Sep. 2000Established a subsidiary, Shanghai Kitagawa Industries Co., Ltd. in China.
Nov. 2000Established a subsidiary, Kitagawa Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
May. 2001Awarded ISO14001 certification.
Dec. 2001Opened Inazawa Business Center.
Sep. 2002Established Wuxi KGS Corporation in China.
Oct. 2002Changed the trademark from KG to KGS.
Apr. 2003Closed Intermark(USA),Inc. New York Office and opened Intermark (USA),Inc., San Jose Office.
Apr. 2003Awarded ISO9001:2000 certification.
Mar. 2004Awarded from Nagoya Stock Exchange for its contribution to market development.
Jan. 2006Awarded ISO14001:2004 certification.
Apr. 2006Intermark(USA),Inc. opened San Diego Office.
Apr. 2006Opened Hanoi Representative Office in Vietnam.
Jan. 2007Opened Akechi Technology Center.
Jan. 2007Nishiharu Factory was relocated to Akechi Technology Center.
Mar. 2007Closed Tokyo Logistics Center, which was transferred to Inazawa Logistics Center.
Apr. 2008Closed Hanoi Representative Office.
Apr. 2009Intermark Co., Ltd. was merged into Kitagawa Industries Co.,Ltd..
Apr. 2009Intermark(USA),Inc. closed San Diego Office.
Jun. 2009Closed Mito Logistics Center, which was transferred to Inazawa Logistics Center.
Oct. 2009Closed PT. Kitagawa Industries Indonesia.
Apr. 2010Hiroji Kitagawa was appointed Chairman, and Kiyoto Kitagawa was appointed President.
Apr. 2010Established Kitagawa Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. in China.
Aug. 2010Established Kitagawa Industries (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. in China.
Aug. 2011Established Kitagawa Electronics (SINGAPORE) PTE.,Ltd. Malaysia Representative Office.
Mar. 2012Relocated the Head Office to the current location.
Mar. 2012Relocated the Wuxi KGS Corporation.
Apr. 2013Opened new sales office and warehouse(BOI IPO)in Thailand.
Aug. 2013Changed the registered location of the head office to Mukui-cho,Inazawa City.
Apr. 2014Opened the(new)Kasugai Factory in the same site as Akechi Technology Center while the(old)Kasugai Factory was closed down.
May. 2014Opened (new)EMC Center in the same site as Akechi Technology Center while the(old)EMC Center was closed down.
Apr. 2016Closed Yokohama Branch,of which business was merged into Tokyo Branch.
Jan. 2019Nitto Kogyo Corporation acquired 50.56% of the KGS shares.
Mar. 2019Delisted from the second section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
May. 2019KGS became a 100% subsidiary of Nitto Kogyo Corporation.
Jun. 2019 Kiyoto Kitagawa assumed the position of Chairman and Director.
Yoshihiro Hirakawa assumed the position of President.
Oct. 2019Expanded the EMC center.